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IMG 7435-ProgTurn-0554At Progressive Turnings, quality control is much more than just checking parts. Skilled technicians work with top-notch machinery and tools. The right measuring tools and gages are maintained in close reach for each operation. 

IMG 2581-ProgTurn-0184Critical dimensions are checked and logged at the machine to ensure parts meet specification while maximizing productivity.

Full sets of thread ring, thread plug, and pin gages provide quick, concise checking. All instruments are ANAB certified for traceable calibration to stringent standards.

IMG 7495-ProgTurn-0614Laboratory inspection equipment includes:

  • Optical comparator with measuring stage to measure dimensions and compare contours to templates.
  • KEYENCE Image Dimension Measurement System’ for fast, automatic inspection of parts, more accurate and repeatable than other measurement techniques.
  • IMG 9003 ProgTurn 0164Digital depth measurement checks even the smallest holes and bores to the right depth.
  • Profilometers check the surface finish to assure the required surface finish.
  • We work with customer approved quality plan checklists and inspection plans, including PPAP and SPC.

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Statistical Process Control

SPC helps us achieve a higher level of quality and productivity by logging part dimensions in control charts. Analyzing the data helps us produce products conforming to customer specifications, minimizing scrap and improving our productivity levels. Below you can see a control chart, graphing the numerical results for a quantity of parts against the mean dimension. That data can be summarized in a histogram to better summarize the results. SPC ControlChartSPC Histogram

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  • Dave Niels now President, Luke Niels, Vice-President
  • New Equipment purchases increase capacity.
  • Modern Machine Shop Magazine article features Progressive Components in-house training.


ANAB Gaging

All our gages are calibrated by ANAB accredited services, traceable to NIST standards.


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