IMG 6513-ProgressiveTurnings-0374Our goal at Progressive Turnings is to hire individuals who are intelligent and engaged in activities contributing to the success of the company. Ideal candidates have education and training in their field as well as job-related experience with a proven track record.

Work experience in our field is not a requirement; our top priority is a high work ethic and a drive for excellence.

Ongoing education is a part of our commitment both to our team and to our customers. Weekly classes in machine programming, operation, and inspection techniques are part of our continuous improvement program.

8Q7A5710 ProgTurn 0113Progressive Turnings employees work with the best tools in the industry - CAD/CAM for design and programming, and new and late-model CNC milling and turning equipment including CNC Swiss-type, CNC bar-feed and CNC chucking machines. Inspection equipment calibrated accurate to just milliionths of an inch verify our quality prior to shipment.

Our team is the core of our company. A wealth of experience, as well as youthful vigor and enthusiasm work together in a clean, well-lit environmentally controlled environment to produce quality parts that are used throughout our daily lives. Pride in our workplace and our products makes Progressive Turnings a great place to work, learn, and grow.

IMG 2542 ProgTurn 0145If Progressive Turnings sounds like an opportunity for you to contribute, we invite your application for positions in CAD/CAMprogramming, CNC programming and operation, and quality control.


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Current News

  • Dave Niels now President, Luke Niels, Vice-President
  • New Equipment purchases increase capacity.
  • Modern Machine Shop Magazine article features Progressive Components in-house training.


ANAB Gaging

All our gages are calibrated by ANAB accredited services, traceable to NIST standards.


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